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Cardtronics Information Security Team Raises Security Scores

06/09/2021 - Cardtronics

With the prevalence of cybercrime, including phishing, malware, and ransomware attacks, Information Security is more critical than ever. In fact, it’s currently a $165 Billion industry worldwide.

In the ATM industry, our Information Security team works to protect not only our company data but also that of our customers. Keeping software on our ATMs up to date is a critical aspect of protecting against data breaches, which can impact a company’s reputation and public trust.

One way customers can get a gauge on a company’s cybersecurity standing is through websites like SecurityScorecard is a leading website in cybersecurity risk assessment, and scores are constantly adjusted to give the public a real-time feel for corporations’ web security posture.

Security scores can be a deciding factor during commercial evaluations. Over the past year, our Information Security team has worked extensively through partnership with the Technology and Marketing teams to improve our web security, bolstering scores into A/A+ territory.

Business SecurityScorecard as of May 2021
Cardtronics U.K. 99 A
Columbus Data Services 96 A
Cardtronics USA Inc. 93 A
Direct Cash 95 A
Spark ATM Systems 96 A

“A security score affects the way our customers view us,” said Baryssa Black, Information Security Analyst and lead on the Cardtronics security score improvement project. “Having a strong security score shows that protecting confidential data matters to us, and we take care of all the details that it takes to keep our customers safe.”

Our new report card also positions our portfolio nicely above several key competitors.

“We hope to maintain these high ratings and let our high standards for data security shine for Cardtronics as a differentiator in the marketplace,” said Jordan Riek, SVP — Information Security.