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Should You Outsource Your ATM Management?

03/28/2021 - Cardtronics


The digital revolution is creating a fundamental transformation in the financial services industry. Accelerated by market forces such as the COVID-19 pandemic, financial institutions must adapt fast to meet consumer demands for convenience, digital engagement, self-service, and fee-free.

As they work through this process, they must re-evaluate what is, and is not, critical to their channel infrastructure. Most visibly, the transformation embodies the shrinkage of branch networks, reduced operational costs, and redeployed capital to digital initiatives. The pandemic brought all three of these activities into sharp focus, which led to mass branch closures, some temporary and some permanent, highlighting the need to run lean.

ATMs are a critical component of a bank’s multi-channel strategy and often become its face for account holders. For financial institutions with their own fleets, the question of outsourcing the management of those ATMs is becoming more frequent as they embrace the value created by leveraging ATM services like those offered by Cardtronics.

Why outsource ATM management?

Every financial institution is different and has unique business reasons for outsourcing its ATM management. Regardless of the starting point, an ATM outsourcing solution done right provides critical benefits such as flexibility, cost savings, alignment, access to world-class ATM innovation, service excellence, and relief from the burden of constant technology and regulatory compliance upgrades and changes.

Is ATM outsourcing right for you?

Before making any business decision, including ATM outsourcing, you must calculate the Return on Investment (ROI). However, making an ATM outsourcing decision based on ROI alone only answers the “what” question. It does not answer the “why” question, revealing the hidden and sometimes significant ATM outsourcing benefits.  

Let us help you determine the “why” by explaining how to build Return on Value (ROV) and why it will benefit you to look at this additional metric. Download our white paper, ATM Outsourcing: Using a Return-on-Value Analysis to Build a Better ROI, and learn how you can use ROV analysis to uncover the hidden benefits of outsourcing your ATM channel.