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The Reading Room - April 26, 2018

04/26/2018 - Susannah Moore Griffin
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India’s government tried to nudge the country towards a cashless economy, but this isn’t what they had in mind.
Even as consumers are becoming more sensitive about data sharing, banks remain trusted stewards of consumer data.
Making the case for call centers to adopt a similar multifactor-authentication process used at most ATMs: something a user owns, like a card, and something the user knows, like a PIN.  Why? The answers for knowledge-based authentication, such as a mother’s maiden name or the name of a high school mascot, are too easily found on social media sites.
The Financial Brand gets inside the millennial mindset to help banks and credit unions better connect to and serve this essential market segment.
Sneak peek: Millennials with kids are particularly worried about finances, so consider personalized financial tools that can help millennial families better manage their complex financial lives.
Susannah Moore Griffin
Corporate Communications Manager