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The Reading Room - February 7, 2018

02/07/2018 - Susannah Moore Griffin
reading room imagePayThink:  The ‘cashless’ trend threatens to leave the underbanked behind
PaymentsSource reminds us that little is said of those who are underbanked (let alone the unbanked who have no debit or credit card) by those touting a cashless future. But the underbanked make up about nine million households in the U.S., (according to an FDIC 2015 survey).  How would those households fare if cash were to go away?

The Case Against Going Cashless
Why are some trendy restaurants bucking the trend and not going cashless?  One motivation is the desire to maintain good, old customer interaction.  QSR Magazine details other reasons the latest is not always the greatest.  

Banks Shutter 1,700 Branches in Fastest Decline on Record
The branch closure rate accelerated in the first half of 2017 primarily impacting small-town and rural America.  The Wall Street Journal via explains that while digital fills some of the gap, small businesses and consumers still feel the loss of basic banking services.  

What will 2018 bring for the ATM channel?
NCR shares four insights into what 2018 will bring for ATMs and their vital role in branch transformation. An example?  Momentum will build for actualizing the ATM’s potential to deliver more than 90 percent of traditional branch-based services.  

Why Germany maintains its passion for cash
A recent European Central Bank study finds that Germans carry an average of €103 in their wallets. explains how culture, history and habit may be driving Germany’s preference for cash.  


Susannah Moore Griffin
Corporate Communications Manager