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UK employees go above the call-of-duty during COVID-19

09/16/2020 - Cardtronics

Since the start of 2020, people around the world have found ways to come together to battle the global pandemic known as COVID-19. From local lockdowns to international travel restrictions. We can agree that one word to describe this globally shared experience is community.

Defined as a group of people who share common experiences, social values, interests, and goals, it is community that has allowed us to remain united in overcoming what has been recognized as the worst pandemic of our times.

For Cardtronics employees Ricky White, Sam Thomas, and James Horgan, their commitment as U.K. Reservists extended their service to the community beyond their roles as members of the Cardtronics family.


Collectively Ricky, Sam and James have nearly 40 years of service with the British Army and were recently called from their daily lives and roles with Cardtronics to support the country’s COVID-19 community efforts. Corporal White, Corporal Horgan, and Private Thomas were deployed to help citizens get tested, educate them on their Covid status, and practice safety measures within their communities. At one of the most difficult times in living memory for communities around the world, these employees stepped up to fulfil the British Army's moto - “We are always ready to serve”.

“When we got the call to serve, we had no idea in what capacity or what exactly we were going to do,” shared Corporal White. “Our main focus is always to get where we need to be and do what we’re called to do.”

Within one week the employees, who work in the same office together day-to-day, helped nearly 5,000 citizens and earned new respect from their colleagues.

“We carry our titles in the Army with pride, and it always feels good to be called upon to step up and support the country in whatever capacity it may be” said Corporal Horgan.

As we continue to identify ways to navigate in times of uncertainty, these individual’s commitment to their country sets a great example for us all in the impact we can have within our communities, no matter the location. Our sincere thanks go to White, Horgan, and Thomas for their selfless efforts to support the country during this pandemic.